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House foundations can be built of various materials, including brick, stone, and concrete masonry units. However, one of the best foundation materials is poured concrete. Technically, you can pour concrete foundations all by yourself, but it’s best to get the help of experts like Luis Diaz Concrete. We’re a team of concrete experts in Napa, CA, and one of our specialties is foundation pouring. Call us if you want to use this concrete service!

Types of Poured Concrete Foundations

There are three main types of poured concrete foundations: T-shaped, slab-on-grade, and frost-protected foundations.

T-shaped foundations have been the traditional option for many homeowners that live in places where the ground freezes, which is why you can find it a lot of older homes in cold climates. To create a T-shaped foundation, your concrete contractor will have to build a footing below the frost line before building the walls and pouring the concrete slab.Affordable Concrete Company Napa CA

Homes in colder areas can also be built with a frost-protected foundation. This combines poured concrete along with rigid polystyrene insulation sheets, which work together to retain heat from the ground and prevent heat loss along the slab edges. This, in turn, ensures that the ground along the concrete slab won’t fall into freezing temperatures.

In warmer areas like Napa, CA, builders often opt for the slab-on-grade foundation. This involves pouring a single layer of concrete that’s several inches thick on a bed of crushed gravel, which promotes proper drainage and helps prevent drainage issues in the long run. The edges of the slab are poured thicker (and strengthened with reinforcing rods) to create a sturdy and stable footing.


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