Concrete, Frequently Asked Questions List

Nowadays, many homeowners underestimate the importance of engaging a professional concrete service in their projects. It’s interesting, many prefer to ask a neighbor or friend to give them a hand instead of hiring a contractor that will help them achieve the desired results. If you hire Luis Diaz Concrete for your next endeavor, you won’t regret it. Using our dexterity and expertise, our team puts all their time and effort into accomplishing exceptional final results. We operate in Napa, CA, and if you wish to learn more, feel free to read our FAQ list:

  • What tasks have you undertaken so far? Our staff members are professionally trained and qualified to work on foundations, concrete patios and decks, and overlaying. We do concrete repairs and work with stamped concrete too.
  • Can you assist me with professional advice on the concrete deck I want to build in my yard? Absolutely! Just contact our team to talk about your ideas and suggestions. Often, we can come up with ideas and designs for our customers. We will discuss the size and shape of your dream deck and also check the area. Building a nice and comfortable deck is not easy, but we will are able to fulfill your expectations.
  • How does a concrete patio defer? By definition, “patio” is a courtyard of a house or building. It can be attached to your home or detached. It is constructed on a piece of land in your yard and has walls and a roof. Decks are open spaces that are normally made of wood or vinyl. For further details or to have a conversation about a stamped concrete patio on your property, call our company at (707) 238-2519.
  • How much do you charge for your concrete services? Worry not as our services are very cost-effective. Many local companies charge high rates for their services and products, but we don’t think that’s the right approach. Our rates are very pocket-friendly, you can see this yourself by talking to our company about our pricing policy.
  • When do you apply overlays? Concrete overlaying is a standard process of applying a new concrete overlay over an existing surface. This kind of job will save you a lot of money because tearing up existing material can be expensive. So, if you have such an endeavor in mind, turn to our professionals to talk about it ASAP.
  • Do I call you if I see some cracks in the foundation? Yes, of course. Luis Diaz Concrete will examine the condition of your foundation and suggest ways to improve it, but only if the defects are minor. If we see some major issues that compromise the structural integrity of your home, you will need to contact a foundation contractor.
  • How do you work with stamped concrete? In a nutshell, with the utilization of special stamps. Installing stamped concrete is challenging for several reasons. If you don’t place and use the stamps right, you will end up with frustration and disappointment. The stamps have to be laid in a certain pattern which can be a difficult job. If anything goes wrong, after the material cures, it usually can’t be fixed and new concrete has to be poured.
  • Is that process affected by weather? Yes, it is. Our team in Napa, CA pays attention to the weather conditions. We watch the weather forecast every time we work outdoors. Climate can be our best friend or worst enemy. The sun, wind, and the temperature can highly affect the structural integrity of concrete houses and facilities. For more information about this and the services we provide, don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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